Monday, May 21, 2007

It's A Girl Thing!

Don't we all long for a lil treat every now & then? We love to unwind, plan our so-deserving spa trip, go for that facial (when we remember) shop, window-shop, pack & travel plus gazillion other stuff - simply to make ourselves feel better! It's a girl thing! Can’t quite explain our need to feel pampered, loved, getting all cheesy & feel like a lady.

Here's a few reasons why we love being girls, if not more


#1 We're Hopelessly Romantic (in or out)

It's ok to fall in love with that dress, that top, that bag, anything! We're allowed! Or
so we self-proclaim! How can we not? How can we resist? Smiling to ourselves, that sense of accomplishment when we stumble upon that perfect match.. We're in love! (with these tops that is..)

= triple limbs!

Frilled Sleeves w Lace Details & Ribbon Tie-Back [T0122]: Available in Grey/Black/Turqoise/White- Free Size

RM 33
(**update, 8/1/08 : we should have done this earlier - Sold Out)

Metallic Bag w Braided Sling [A0032]: Available in Silver/Bronze

RM 47
= RM 25
(**update, 8/1/08 : Bronze - Sold Out)

= OMG!

Sheer Chiffon Victorian Top [T0124]: Available in Black/Grey/Mocha/ White- Free Size
RM 35

#2 We're Adventurous (really!)

Hah! No doubt - there's a will, there's a way! Like climbing Mount KK or pack away to Spain, or simply a roadtrip to nowhere. And again, its ok if we can't really do it all..its the thought that counts right? No? Well, at least these inspirations would be our starting point

We say La Barcelona! Wait, or was it Greece? Either way we’re convinced we’re feeling the holiday-ing vibe!

= all limbs!

Grecian Spaghetti Top [T0116]: Available in Orange/Brown- Free Size
RM 35

And of course, how can we forget to accessorize?

Soft Leather Carry-All Tote [A0044]: Available in White/Black/Brown
RM 56

Flair Button-Up Peasant Shirt [T0095]: Available in White/Dark Grey/Light Grey/Brown/Black
RM 49

Love in Paris. Gondola rides in Venice. Wine tasting in Tuscany. That’s adventure, by our books :P

= arms! legs!

Polka Dot & Lace Spaghetti Top [T0127]: Available in Black/Brown- Free Size

RM 43

Take a walk down Champs-Elysees! Throw on that straw hat & oversized Jackie O glasses. Think fresh buttery croissants & steaming hot coffee. Damn! We don’t wanna stop dreaming!

= all limbs!

Multi-stripe Flair Skirt [S0015]: Available in Orangy Red - Size: L

Basic Camisole w Lace Details [T0130]: Available in Blue/Aqua Blue/ Black /White-Free Size
RM 19

Rustic Weave Belt w Metal Buckle [A0027]: Available in Red-Free Size

RM 28

#3 We're Smart (and prefers to be right!)

Smart means getting things right - the way we think is right :P
For instance, getting the right style for the right occasion - never an easy task! Taking clues from stylish people we envy usually does the trick. After all it's the smarter move than looking less-than-right

To our envious work mates

= every limb! everything!

Stripe Shirt w Mandarin Collar & Back Ribbon-Tie [T0131]: Available in Black/Brown/Lilac/Red/Aqua Blue-Free Size

Leather & Canvas Combo Bag [A0031]: Available in Olive (Last Piece)

RM 56

To dress up or to dress down? Simply throw on the leggings you've always wanted & off you go! Day till night!

= OMG!

Triple-Tone Spaghetti Puff Dress [D0028]: Available in Light Grey/Dark Grey/Lilac/Black-Free Size
RM 45

#4 (In the End) We're Pretty Simple...actually

We don't like complicated stuff. We like things easy, nice, simple, basic, not too tiring, not too difficult.. erm maybe cuz we're pretty lazy bunch? Probably that's how we get sold into beauty pampering plans, gym memberships (yet we drag our butts there) and now even clothes must be easy to wear, easy to style, easy to match, easy to iron (man, this is exhausting already)

Some pretty simple solutions...

= two arms!

Kimono-Style Trapeze Top w Tie-Back [T0101]: Available in White-Free Size
RM 39

Lace Satin Band [A0011]: Available in White only
RM 23

= awww!

Deep V-Neck Trapeze w Ribbon [T0132]: Available in Green/Blue/Black/White-Free Size
RM 45

Vintage Purse [A0020]: Available in Blue/Brown/Pink
RM 35

It’s vintage! And it’s creased intentionally.. iron-no-more! Yes!

= arms! arms

Floral Crepe Dress w Lace Details [T0132]: Available in Olive/Brown/Red-Free Size
RM 49

Count on them for days you just dunno what to wear! Over jeans, over jackets, over skirts, or just crawl to bed in it!

= yummy-licious!

Basic Camoisole w Lace Details [T0130]: Available in Blue/Aque Blue/ Black /White-Free Size
RM 19

Note: All accessories shown & unmentioned are not for sale, just wanted to share our personal collection :)

(**update, 8/1/08 : EVERYTHING Above - Sold Out)

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