Saturday, December 8, 2007

We Need to Snap Out of It

Since getting back from our little birthday getaway, we've been a little under the weather and a little bummed out and as a result, we've kinda been hiding a whole bunch of goodies that we are (were) very excited about. Well, not exactly hiding them, the last party goers got the first look at them. You'll see more, soon enough, but here's something that always makes us happy, no, not schnitzel with noodles (god knows what those are really) but - belts!

#1 Definitive


There are belts that are truly there for function, like, to help your pants not fall off. And there are belts that are the entire outfit, and this is the latter.

Croc Skin Triangle Wide Belt [A0094]: Navy Blue, Red, Black. Brown - Free Size (it's the kind with the stretchy band, BUT we will warn you that it comes slightly wider than it should to work entirely perfectly as a high waist belt, unless of course, it fits your waist. we're just saying.)
= RM 29

(**update, 8/1/08 : all Sold Out)




#2 Acquisitive




We're always pretty eager to have the 'go to' belt to solve most belt related needs, this could be a close fit.

Snakeskin Half Moon Belt [A0093]: Black, Brown (we have to be honest that though we found this belt to be quite perfect in a lot of ways, we won't deny that it ain't fine italian handmade so hence, it's cheap, it'll do it's job and you'll get over it once it run its lifespan)
= RM 15

#3 Palliative




We're obviously going mad with a thesauraus. We may not know big words but we do know big things can come in handy, and in this case, belts! Big wide belts.

Low Slung Wide Snakeskin Belt [A0075]: Black, Red

= RM 35

#4 Consumptive


By now you should have noticed that each title has nothing to do with the belt. Ok, good that we have that cleared. We're a little short on ideas coming up with interesting neat tidy little titles for each belt so we've decided heck, nobody really cares about the titles. We're rambling, and it still has nothing to do with this belt.
Soft PVC Wide Wide Belt [A0069]: Cyan (only 1 piece)
= RM 29
(**update, 8/1/08 : Sold Out)

#5 Abortive


Speaking of which, we should abort all attempts to be witty and different and funny today since we're clearly not in the right state for being interesting. Plus, we don't want another fashion-blog-store to want to sound and write like us anymore than they already do now. Oh, but we must say, our favorite belt today! Quite garish we know, but that's just an automatic response to anything too glittery but trust us, this is hot.

Sequined Belt [A0095]: Black (it's a high waist belt and stretches forever to accomodate otherwise)
= RM 29
(**update, 8/1/08 : Sold Out)

Those of you who's been eyeing the colourful belted dresses more than the belt won't be happy to know that absolutely only one is available, this in black here.

Stretch Boat Neck Mini Dress [D0100]: Black- Free Size - (last piece, absolutely)
= RM 49
(**update, 8/1/08 : Sold Out)

That sure was uplifting, and we're in better moods already just in time for the weekend!


Heidi said...

Hi Leng!
Just wanted to let you know, I wore a vest I bought from Shopaholics Unite the other day for a presentation. And got a lot of compliments for it. hehe. I posted some pictures on my blog. Feel free to have a look. :)

Leng said...

Heya Heidi! I remember you :P Gawd, you sure can wait a long time before wearing something new..I have to wear it like the minute I'm out of the changing rooM :P

You look fantastic darlin'!

heng said...

more interested in the dresses instead of the belts..r u selling em'?

Leng said...

Hey Heng,

Only the one in the last pic is for sale (in black) but someone just bought it. We were selling them at the most recent party, I took all the photos and turns out, I was only left with that black piece after the party. Which is why the entire thing it all about the belts :P


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