Friday, August 22, 2008

Sunday Preview!

Maxi dresses! We're still very much into them. Especially when they come in such delicious colours. Yum!



First views, only at this Sunday's Party!


cynthia said...

OMG!!!!! I want this dress!!! Love it Love it!! How much it is? unfortunately i wont be able to go for Sunday Preview... maybe buy online?

aSstHa said...

i like the yellow one... any chance that's still available? didn't manage 2 read ur post in time... (=.=)

Anonymous said...

i love ur dress!! what colour do u have n how much is it? i've been looking on every site...hopefully can get it from urs!

Anonymous said...

omg!!! i love thm..i couldnt make it for the sunday preview..can u plz contact me..via mail..m really interested in makin a maxi purchase
plz do buzz me =>

rebecca said...

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