Saturday, September 27, 2008

As Seen On - Female!

We know it's nearly the end of Sept but our lovely Shopaholic Joy just sent us a link with our small lil totally awesome feature in 'Female' Magazine this month (Sept 08) so it saved us the trouble of scanning the page (which means we'll get around to scanning it, like, never!). We should also mention that yours truly was also featured in the same magazine last month (Aug 08), which, of course, we never got around to scanning either. So do have a look should you ever find yourself leafing through old magazines at your next hair appointment!

Oh, this month's feature can be seen here:
**edit 3/10/08: Dammit! It's October now and link no longer shows our feature, looks like we've gotta get our scanner going soon.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yo Leng,

the link don't work no more...its a bunch of other shops for the Oct issue now..

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