Monday, January 19, 2009

Something You'd Probably Quite Like

So we went on an unannounced sabbatical, sue us (don't!)!

Plenty thought we were marooned on a god forsaken island unable to get our shopping fix (very disturbing thought). There were speculations our last post titled 'One Last Time' was in reference to more than just the dress (really was just the dress), and there were those who were worried about our wellbeing (lovely yous).

But all in all, the absence has just gone to show that, when you (meaning we) leave unannounced for two whole freakin' months, you've (again, we) got plenty of fu*king emails to answer to and you'd better say you're damn well sorry for the excruciating wait you've put some girls through. It also goes to show that your spelling goes to shit when you haven't written two full sentences in 60 days, hence, the spellcheck is slowing us down alot more than we've hoped for, ergo
, this would be a super simple post. Tee hee..we used the word 'ergo'. That almost never happens.


It's the 'Super 2-Day CNY Sale, 2 Days Because We Have to Ship by Wednesday for You to Get Your Stuff By CNY Sale'

We were obviously never one for catchy sales gimmick so here it goes anyhow:

1# Daily Dress

Now you can wear them eight times a week:





See original post.

Daily Dress [T0294]: Bluish Green, Dark Green, Salmon, Pink - free size
= RM49
= RM30

2# Summer Dress

We still like em very much actually:




See original post.

Tiered Lightweight Denim Sundress [D0141]: Black, Dark & Light - Free Size
= RM49
= RM15
(update: sold out)

3# Maxi Dress

There's no 70's without the tie dye:



See original post.

Halterneck Tie-Dyed Jersey Maxi Dress [D0152]: Pink, Orange - free size
= RM67
= RM45
(update: sold out in Pink, available in Orange)

Something new following soon. We do try.

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