Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This Must Be Love!

And so this is love.

Stomach's a-fluttery, cheeks ripening, heart thumping, oh boy, this must be what it feels like to be in love...with these dresses that is! Trust us when we say this. We are one half of a very recently married couple, and we are more excited about dresses.

These are the very latest lovingly designed by yours truly and we are absolutely happy with the result. All we wanted to do was to make dresses that are pretty and easy to wear that no one else seems to be making. We've been wearing these to death and we are loving them so much, not (only) because our label's on them (ahem) but really, we do love them to death.

We hope you feel the same!


#1 There She Goes

We totally don't think being 27 makes us too old to dress in cute pretty dresses. Nope! We are not in denial, at all. By the way, did we say, we're going to start celebrating every birthday from now on as our 24th, didn't you hear? 24 is the new 21!

Age related issues aside, we are so happy when we're wearing this! Just so so happy! How can you not, really, the bright cheery blue, the vintage rose, aieee, it's too much, we can't contain ourselves! Delirious we tell you, delirious!
















'Whoopee!' Vintage Rose Full Circle Dress [D0217]: Blue - fits a size UK6 - 8 best, possibly a small 10
= RM75

additional description:
made with medium thick cotton/polyester blend fabric, hence it is nice and solid with a little elasticity. back has smocking to fit various underbust. open cut-out back, extended sash at sides for you to tie into a bow at the back. full circle skirt. side zipper.

#2 Space Between

We have a friend whom we swear, has worn all three colours of these dresses all on separate days all in one week. And we kinda don't blame her. The dress is pretty damn gorgeous if we may say so ourselves, thank you. If you're worried about the cut-out back, don't. Chances are, you'll look fab. Otherwise, to cover up a bit (oh, we don't know, for work on a Friday maybe), layer it with a tube or tank, it'll still look fab!





















Free Spirit Cut-Out Back Dress [D0216]: Teal, Yellow, Blue - fits a size UK6 - 10
= RM75

additional description:
made with lightweight cotton, smooth and silky to touch. fully lined. extra long waist sash to tie to back or around to front. zipper at back.


sofea said...

heyy,thanx for finally updating! we've all been waiting :)

Melissa said...

like the teal one. u think i can fit? usually a size 10 but am worried that the bust area may not fit..sigh..

WQ said...

congratulations on getting married recently :)

Jini said...

just wondering what's the length of the dress?

Anonymous said...

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