Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dressing Through The Ages

What's with us and dresses nowadays? We have no idea but we know we like it! Bear with us as it will be dresses overload for the next two posts!


#1 Skirting the Issue in the Early 50's

Oh boy, could we not be a bigger sucker, oh, whoops, gosh, golly wow, that was certainly unladylike, pardon our French, for the primness of the 50's?

= eek! arms arms! (hibiscus prints! how darlin!)

Hibiscus Print 50's Inspired Dress [D0042]: Available in Grey/Blue - Free size
= RM 69

#2 Groovy's Our Middle Name

Austin, this make you randy baby? Does it?:

= OMG! (this must be THE OMG! item of the week!!)

THE 60's Mod Dress [D0038]: Available in Black - Free size - Last Piece!
= RM 60

#3 You Say You Want a Revolution?

Wearing this doesn't mean you've got to sit at the back of a VW van in a cloud of smoke.

= all limbs pls! (fab length!)

70's Summer Dress [T0150]: Available in Pink or Red Flower Details - Free size
= RM 53

#4 Like A Virgin

Never a louder or a more disastrous decade (fashion wise), save this.

= both arms! (you want loud colours you've got it!)

80's Pop Dress [D0036]: Only Red/Brown/Black left - Free size
= RM 39

and the belt, of course:

Square Polka Dot Belt [A0036]: Only Dark Blue - Free size
= RM 25

#5 Reality Does Bite

Hitting slightly closer to home in the 90's, slugged on our Doc Marts and trudged through teen life. This dress would have been perfect:

= OMG! (ah, memories, lots of em)

90's Summer Dress [D0024]: Only Brown/Olive/Red - Free size
= RM 49

Slim Belt [A0048]: Only Black/Blue/Green/Silver/White - Free size
= RM 25

Round 2 very soon!

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