Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Some Blogging Will Do You Good

We admit, this whole blogging thing, totally new to us. But we find ourselves increasingly astoundingly pleased with ourselves everytime we hit that publish button. It's getting to a giddying level of glee updating this blog with juicy yummy new clothies.

We are hoping you bloggers feel the same. In case you are not already feeling 'The Glee', we're throwing some your way in the form of...................................

Freakin' Ringgit
Shopaholics Unite! Clothies!!


Here's how:

Step #1: Publish a Post!
Simply write a post as you always do on your blog.

Step #2: Pick a Favorite Shopaholics Unite! Item!

Pick up to 3 of your favorite item(s) previously featured here on Shopaholics Unite! to talk about and use in your post.

Step #3: Write It!
Being all girls, we can't help but check out other girl's clothes. So share on your blog how you would best style your favorite items and how you would make the outfit look totally you!

Step #3:Submit It!
Send us an email notification to "shopaholicsunite@gmail.com" of your blog article to register your contest entry.

Rules Rules Rules!

Quite simple innit? It's almost as if we're giving away $500 Freakin' Ringgit Worth Of Shopaholics Unite! Clothies!! Wait, we are!!

But, of course, rules rules rules must be set:

1. Your blog entry MUST be published between right this minute -Tuesday, June 19 2007, 2:08AM and Tuesday, July 31 2007, 12.00AM on YOUR blog.

2. You are allowed to link directly to our blog for pictures of your favorite items etc. for the purpose of writing your post. Heck, link to us for any reasons, we don't mind.

3. Once you have published your post within the contest period, send us an email notification
of your blog article to register your contest entry to "shopaholicsunite@gmail.com". Your email should include:
- the link to your blog entry
- your full (real) name
- your IC number for verification
- a valid email address
- and your contact number
You must be the owner of the blog to publish your contest entry post. If more than one person own the blog, only 1 prize will be awarded to the name stated in the registration email.

4. You are allowed to submit as many blog entries as you like as long as it is within the contest period. Resubmit a new email to us for every different blog entry.

5. You are also allowed to use other pictures from other sources in your blog entry as you see fit. You decide how long or short your article should be. Really, we give you your creative freedom.

6. Judges (yes, that's us) decisions are final.

7. If you are found to not be the rightful owner of the blog in your contest entry, your entry shall be disqualified. Judges have the right to reject entries should we have any reason to believe that you are not the rightful owner of the blog.

8. The winner will allow Shopaholics Unite! to publish your blog article and use your blogger name on our site as well as in any promotional materials in other media. The winner can choose to not reveal your real identity.

9. The Winner will be announced by the 2nd week of August 07. You must pick up your prize in person or arrange for a representative. We would not post or deliver the prizes to the winner.

10. And the Golden Rule, should you have any objections to the rules, urm, read rule #6.

So, what are you waiting for?
Feel The Glee and BLOG AWAY!

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