Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our Sincere Apology

This may come as a shock to quite a few of you.

This. Vest. Is. Sold. Out.


We are extremely sorry to some of our shoppers who has painstakingly emailed us, waited the whole week for a reply while we were away. We have told you in our replies that yes, the vest is available. Only now, we have just found out that, no, it is no longer available. Our suppliers are out of them. Deeply sorry, we will be replying to you individually via email to update you on the status of this order.


shopper said...

This shopaholic exclaimed OMG!

will the stock be arriving to the supplier anytime soon ??????????

lareina said...

if yes, make sure theres a lot of it!

Felicia & Leng said...

Oh yes, that we'll make plenty sure of.

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