Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Unfittingly Fitting

After last week's posting frenzy before leaving for our little vacation, here's what's left of all unposted items thus far (that we've got around to taking pictures of, don't worry, definately much more other clothes than this available for coming party this Sunday). So in no order and relation whatsoever:


#1 Heirlooms




We love love love vintage looking things, we were plenty excited when we saw these (we have a teardrop one) cause it's the exact same colouring of our vintage chinese brocade dress we're wearing for our friend's wedding next weekend!

= OMG! (our OMG! item of the week! double yay!)

Heirloom Earrings [A0080]: Teardrops, Diamond, Square and in a shape we simply can't/don't know how to describe
= RM 19

(**update, 8/1/08 : Teardrops & Square sold out, Diamond still available)

#2 Jump Around





Ok, we think this would be a top for taller ones and quite easily a dress for the petite. We thought it was kinda a playful thing to be jumping around with, ok fine, prance.

= legs and ten toes!

Multi Stripe Tube Playsuit [T0245]: Blue, Beige, Grey - Free Size
= RM 37
(**update, 8/1/08 : we should have done this earlier - Sold Out)

#3 Dress! Yet Another.




Yes, yet another dress. If you're into wearing dresses 24-7 (which we try to), it's all about adding variety to the collection right? So yes, yet another dress.

= all arms!

Yet Another Heavy Jersey Dress with Gathered Details [D0074]: Teal, Blue, Red - Free Size
= RM 55
(**update, 8/1/08 : we should have done this earlier - Sold Out)

We're befuddled as you are as to why our post title is so unfitting, we must have jumped ships halfway and forgot what we wanted to say altogether. Yeah, we're spontaneous and a bit dumb that way.


The Faux Fashionista said...

Hmm, I'm attending a friend's wedding next weekend too. If I see someone wearing a vintage chinese brocade dress with the earrings you've posted, I'd definitely holla :)

Leng said...

Haha..please do! But our wedding's all the way in Segamat..any chance the world's really that small? That'll be freakin awesome :P

The Faux Fashionista said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Faux Fashionista said...

Bummer! Mine's not in Semangat..err..Segamat. However, I do believe that the world is very small.

p.s.Will try very hard to make it to the party this weekend. *crosses fingers*

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