Saturday, February 2, 2008

Colourful Feet

You know how we often have that one pair of red shoes which we use to kinda like mismatch the whole outfit, like being so original and all dress all black and hey, throw in a dash of red on the feet, like we know, kinda done to death. So how about mismatching with like totally unexpected colours, which comes to our point, these:

#1 Yellow, Woah, and Green, Really?








Yeah, we know most people would be like, seriously? Yellow and Green? How do I ever wear that? Like, not with something yellow or green, at least, we think. We're kinda thinking along the lines of like a cute summery looking tiny floral dress that's like a whole bunch of colours all together so it's kinda a dilemma to match it with a pair of heels, so hey! Mistmatch! Yea, that's what we had in mind. And we're really totally into it right now. And oh yeah, we totally love this, and we don't care what anyone else thinks.

= OMG! (we haven't had an OMG! item for awhile and we do think these are it!)

Peeptoe Mismatchers Slingbacks [A0112]: Yellow - Size 4 & 7 only, Green - Size 4, 5 & 7 only
= RM49
(update, 27 Mar 08 - last pair available, green & yellow, size 4)

#2 Green, again?





Yes, green again! We have something for this colour quite obviously, some say it's the new black! (that is, we said it of course) Anyway, there are like a hundred and twenty five point eight two ways to do this ie. the whole grecian wrapped around the ankle look, the t-bar look, er, the thongs look and looks we probably have not found the right term to describe yet, so it does call for abit of creativity. So, er.,create away!

Grecian Flats [A0115]: Green & Black - Size 4,5,6,7,8
= RM39
(update, 22 Feb 08 - all Black sold out, Green available)

#3 Quite Contrary to Colour


Nude! We love these, like, really really, we do. It's the last paid so we didn't snap that many angles of it, but really. You'll love these.

Nude Patent Peeptoe Slingbacks [A0116]: Camel - Size 6
= RM49
(update, 22 Feb 08 - sold out)

#4 This Pair, again?





We had this in like the 'cyan/silver' combo and we did mention then that we also had them in brown. So here it is.

Double Shine Pointies [A0106]: Brown - Size 4,5,7 & 8
= RM49
(update, 22 Feb 08 - Cyan, size 4 / Brown, size 5 available)

That's all the shoes we have now!


justshuks said...

Just wanted to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow peeptoes! received many x 100 compliments ;o)

eva said...

the green #1 still available? size 7. my email is:

thanks ;)

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