Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Different, But The Same

Ever since Flea wore a very gorgeous dress to a friend's wedding with a kinda 'tulip' type structure, we've been looking for something with similar details and we're plenty glad with our hard work, or really, not that hard, but looking that hard at these dresses strains our brains to no end cause we just can't take our eyes off them:


#1 80's Kid



We just love the whole structure of this dress! Say it together with us now girls, bright colours are awesome things! We're imagining that we'll wear this with some cute coloured tights since we don't have the legs that can be exposed in such a short skirt (short for us). The other colours remains unfeatured for the moment since we don't have pics but nevertheless, do express your interests if you're, er, interested.

Solid Tulip Dress [D0120]: Hot Pink, Sky Blue & Black - fits about a UK8 max we're afraid.= RM79
(update, 23 Apr 08 - sold out Blue & Black)

the new belt we're super excited about:

High Waist Butterfly Belt [A0139]: White, Black, Purple, Blue
= RM35
(update, 23 Apr 08 - sold out in Black & White)

#2 Quite The Opposite








Amazing how this dress and the one prior has the same cut and style etc save for the material, pattern, weight, purpose, er, ok, it does appear to be quite different, but yet the same in that tulip thing kinda way?

Floral Tulip Dress [D0119]: Pink & Brown - fits about a UK10 max, the boob bits comes padded we have no idea why but perhaps it allows those of us less endowed to go braless for a day or something, we think. Both dresses comes with its own ribbon sash that matches the colour of the buttons.
= RM59
(update, 23 Apr 08 - sold out in Pink)


Anonymous said...

omg nice dress, still hv the brown one?

Anonymous said...

omg nice dress, still hv the brown one?

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