Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Others

Wokay, 5 minutes with the camera and we've got the purple and blue belts now! We hastily post this now that Black & White is no longer available:


#1 Crystallite Butterflies




Big, and shiny! Not necessarily a scary thing.

High Waist Butterfly Belt [A0139]: Purple & Blue - ok, it's a buckle strap belt, it measures 26" on the smallest hole and has an extra 2 inches of space for more holes if needed.
= RM35
(update, 24 Apr 08 - Purple - sold out, Blue still available)


sue said...

interested in the blue butterfly,
pm me at

oso kindly include ur acc. no! thanks

angie said...

Hello... reserve the purple one for me please. How do I make payment to you?

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