Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Extremely Dissapointing Discovery

Well, apparently, being nice sometimes it's not, well, nice.

We used to entertain requests of Shopaholics who wanted to view our stuff on other days other than party days and we indeed, very nicely allowed it from time to time. It seems that today, we've discovered quite a few things missing from our inventory and stockroom since we, with all our heart, and naively too, trusted shoppers who were left in there alone to browse in peace. Obviously it seems for some, it presents an opportunity to grab a couple of freebies along with that 10 dollar belt that you're buying. We don't know who it is, but we're pretty sure you know who you are so may you wallow in your guilt everytime someone compliments you on that cute top you're wearing.

In light of this, we now neither have the heart, nor the energy to entertain such requests anymore. You can view the stuff on party days or you can order online as usual. We are not a walk in boutique and we were never positioned as one, so please, do not take offence and do understand.

We still love you though, well, just not so much the klepto ones, of course.



Anonymous said...

Dear Leng, so unfortunate of you. I hope that person feel guilty so badly indeed.Better be careful dear.

j e n l o w said...

NOooooo !!~
I usually can't attend the parties !
and I've always made appointments to come view your stuff on other days !

cr4zy/b3autiful said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cr4zy/b3autiful said...

omg, Leng! so sorry to hear that. whoever who stole that top shall rot in hell.. well, we all believe in karma, don't we?

Voon said...

I hate that person now!!!
no more 30 mins quickie anymore for us........

Seriously the clothes Leng is selling is already at a very reasonable price!! and yes we all do believe in karma!! >=(

aside to leng, thanks for being so kind to us all these while. really appreciate it *hugs*

The Faux Fashionista said...

Aww...I'm really sorry to hear that! I totally understand the reason for your actions though :)

Ashleigh said...

Oh no!!! So sad to hear that some people can't be trusted... I didn't make it to the party cos I was in Bangsar at the bazaars.. Sigh..

ann said...

aiyoo leng i emphatize with u

viviensiu微微妍笑 said...

omg!!!! so sad to hear you got a shoplifting case here :( I hope that person will be caught red handed.

meanwhile, maybe you wana consider installing cams?

AdRy said...

Sorry to hear that babe. It's rather sad that people would do that sorta shit. -__- Say it with me now:


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear that. and i think u know who that 'thief' is and you're being nice not to reveal her.

holly golightly said...

gosh, sorry to hear that... aiyo why are some ppl so itchy fingers... now it affects the rest of us as well :-(

whoever you are, stop doin it!!!

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