Friday, May 30, 2008


And as promised, here you go. Our version of the gladiators:


#1 Not For The Weak Hearted

We hate the words 'As seen on (name of talentless but for great boobs rising female reality tv show celeb) ' but we'll be hating as we say this:

As seen on: Kimberly Stewart (who the F is Kimberly Stewart??);

As seen on: some runway models, (who happen to be wearing denim we are totally into);

As seen on: some random girl, (who happens to to look totally awesome in those, we assume are the Chanel ones, like in the original and not fake sense);


As seen on: Ooh! Kate Moss! (It ain't a summer must have till Kate Moss must have, we said that);

As seen on: Michelle Williams! (whom we are totally neither excited or unexcited about, other than the fact that she's got Heath Ledger's love child, they skipped the marrying part didn't they?).

We kinda guessed many of you have been looking around for the shoes, or sandals should we say of the season though not all may have fully accepted it, us included. But we thought, heck, if we're gonna do it, we're gonna do it proud and fierce so we got the scary but freakin' rockin' ones:







Knee High Gladiator Sandals [A0147]: Black - size 5 to 8, White - size 5 to 7 (height from sole: 11.5", pull up zip at the back)
= RM69
(update 9 June 08 - last pair available, White, size 8; experimented pair, Black, Size 5; others Sold Out)

Few things you should know:

Here's the deal, the white ones you see are the original sandals and as you can see, it has a mighty lot of straps. Which we felt was too mighty (lot). So anyway, we've been snip snipping and experimenting with less straps, hence, you'll see that the black ones looks different. Now the lucky size we decided to experiment on is Black, size 5. So if you're that size and you're keen, the shoes will come as shown on the pics here. Don't worry, once you've made the snips, they are not visible. So we do suggest if you feel there are too many straps then simply take to a pair of scissors. We know, this ain't exactly a DIY lesson but we are always compelled to snip and tuck the things we own as how else to make something nice nicer?


saimui said...

lol !!!..haaahaaa...that was my first reaction..but somehow it will definitely make ones stand out of the crowd !!! Good job, guys...keep it up !!!

giddy tigress said...

Love the look! But if a lot of straps also ok long as we don't have to buckle each and every one of them...thank goodness there is a zipper eh?

The Faux Fashionista said...

Kimberly Stewart is Rod Stewart's daughter I guess...

juicylicious said...

I like the white glads!
Can I reserve size 7 pls and check you guys out on Sun in Damas to pick it up :)

Liz said...

yes, Rod Stewart's daughter. Latest scoop is that she's dating Jude Law.

Leng said...

And she is his daughter..! Hehe..she can have Jude Law now that he seems to be seriously balding..

s kim said...

i want e black ones in a size 7 if e whites ones are no longer available.
mail me at

Aliaa said...

i want u have in it 6 or 5.I'm not sure about my size. please email me at i despradely need one!!!!

PinkCherry said...

oh gawd! Been trying to look for this shoes for quite some time now! Tho I'm looking for the ones like Kate Moss - brown and angle length. Know where I can get those? Btw love your blog - gona link you ya. Cheers!

Trixie said...

heyy do u still have the white or blacks one in size 7? Do email me at

schuhz m. said...

please, tell me you will restock these!

nadhrah said...

i need the white ones..urgently
im a size 7 (i think)

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