Monday, July 14, 2008

Clowning Around

We're so not over vests, though we know some people who are, but then again, this is quite unlike the other vests we have had:


#1 Vests, Skinny Jeans and an Awesome Hat's All You Need







We like the crisp black and white stripes here, we're thinking paired with a basic white wife beater, skinny grey jeans and one of those fedora like hats that so many other people we've seen pull off effortlessly, only we can't but nevertheless, if you can pull that off, we'll be happy for you eitherway.

Black & White Cropped Vest [T0329]: Black & White - Free Size
= RM39
(update 5 Aug 08 - sold out)

Measured Flat:
Length: 13.5" / Chest: 16" (when buttoned, though we think it looks best unbuttoned)


rinnah said...

I know it's not on topic but I was looking more at the white top the model is wearing under the vest. Is that for sale? :o)

kicciripp said...

does it fit uk-10+ ?

Chix at Six said...

Don't miss out this item.
I bought one for myself and I must admit it is beautiful.
I'm size 10-12.
Trust me, you won't regret!

ju said...

is the white dress for sale?

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