Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Follow Up

So we had a hot and sweaty day at Urbanscapes on Saturday and we're just about recovered from our sunburns and heat rash (we obviously don't go out in the sun much). Lots of yous have been asking about the wedges and we're neither happy nor sorry to say, there are about three sizes left in various assortments. That's that, we can't restock em as they are unrestockable :( So act quick.


#1 Leftovers






Gladiator Wedges [A0163]: Black - size 4 & 5; White - Size 4 & 8
= RM63

(update, 8 Jul 08 - Black sold out, last piece in White, size 4)


j a c l y n c said...

Do you happen to know what sizes are these as compared to Vincci?

t3ngt3ng said...

How high is it?

anon said...

hey! will a size 38 be able to fit into the size 8 white gladiators? if so reserve it for me! and i'll mail you!

Anonymous said...

Anyone interested the one in 'Tan' color, size 5?

plain.jane said...

Glad wedges : any restock for white? and the brown one?
i am size 5

Anonymous said...

interested with white glad wedges.. im size 4!! mail me the details ya!!


Anonymous said...

is the wedges is pig lining?

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