Wednesday, October 8, 2008

As Seen On!

Our dear Shopaholic Charlotte gave us a heads up on an article in the Star, Youth2 section today about her and her Shopaholic ways! She's wearing a jacket she bought way, way back in '07 during one of our parties!

Here she is:

And here's our jacket from March '07:

Looking good, girl! ;)

We feel like mums who've sent our kids off to college and are now watching them come back as handsome doctors. Well, kinda. Oh, just one of those little things we get all excited over, thought we'd share! Read the full article here!




diana said...

hey there!

d jacket is really something. is there any way to restoke the jacket? hehe

diana said...

restock, i mean

shrinking violet said...

OMG. I love the jacket!
agreed with diana.

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