Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Order Opens Now!

Remember that dress we had back in August, you know, the pretty flowery one, oh, a silly little tea dress that we happened to have for sale, the one that made it into our August Very Good Things, you know, THAT dress:


Right, that dress.

We know we've told the hundred or so Shopaholics who've emailed us asking for that dress that it's like totally totally sold out. So, we've decided that seeing how you guys loved it so much..........

We freakin' ordered another bunch of them exclusively for you crazy ass Shopaholics!!

We've been waiting very very impatiently for our super duper ginormous package containing a new batch of these dresses and we've finally received THE call 5 minutes ago. It's heeeeereeee!

So all's fair in the game of er, frantic dress buying. Here goes! :







Vintage-y Floral Tea Dress [D0146]: Black, Brown- Free Size, fits a UK 6-12
= RM55
(update, 8 Oct 08, 6.21PM : Sold Out)

As usual, to order, email us at shopaholicsunite@gmail.com.
Don't worry if you don't get a reply right away,
orders will be taken chronologically, so first come first serve.

Happy shopping! :)


*ps: Yes, all of you would have noticed that the price for this dress this time round is slightly more than the last round. It's inevitable, rising costs, shipping, higher exchange rates now etc. We would have loved to keep them at the same price as before but we simply can't. Rest assured, we're not just jacking up prices simply because we can. (Though obviously we can if we wanted to, but we won't be able to sleep at night after the deed, so we choose sleep).


fara.rahman said...

i want it pliz... i've waited for sooo long!! hehe..

fara.rahman said...

naik harge?

cik elyse said...

ive emailed u!
do check darl~

The Faux Fashionista said...

Hi Leng, just thought you might be interested (or not) to know that there's a similar dress on ASOS selling for USD57.70 -___-"

Anonymous said...

sold out again? any chance of a 3rd re-order, please????

Anonymous said...

how bout the red one?any plan of restocking?next surprise perhaps?:)

Anonymous said...

i waited for so long to have tis dress.. pls restock... plsss

Alya said...

Hi Leng,
I wear this dreess today to work and everybody said i look nice and ask where they can buy it :-)


Anonymous said...

pleasee re-stockkk!!
pleasee pleaseee pleaseee...
i want it too :((((((((((((((((

Diana said...

I've received the dress. Thanks Leng love it and super fast dealing with you. :)

Anonymous said...

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I Rhyme With Berries said...

Are you going to restock this dress?

fara.rahman said...

aren't goin to re-stock it again?
mine dah rosak lah.. one day after i washed it i totally forgot that put it in my dryer. huhu~

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