Friday, March 30, 2007


Hut two three'd better be standing in line for these military inspired pieces:


#1 Tuck In

Get yourself all tucked in and snugged up in this Military Jacket. It's actually a little biased cut once it's buttoned up which makes it all the more perfect. Cropped nicely before the hips and most importantly, snug. Oh, and it doesn't suffer from 'OTT' which is the bane of most military jackets.

(If you're wondering what's with the pic, just protecting Sophie's dignity in that picture there. Yeah, our plastic model's name is Sophie, didn't we tell ya'll that? She's a pretty girl too.)

Will So Give My Limbs For That Rating (WSGMLFT)
= two arms!

Military Jacket [O0004]: Available in Brown/Grey/White - Size S/M
= RM 55

#2 Yes Madam!
Classic and we like the 'trench coat' look to it. This one actually comes with a matching black cloth belt to tie as you wish but you can belt up as you wish too!

Will So Give My Limbs For That Rating (WSGMLFT)
= All Limbs! (we like the button-nable roll up sleeves)

Military Shirt Dress [D0005]: Black only - Size: S
= RM 45
Update, 9 April 07: Last one!

Brown Suede Belt [A0012] - Free Size
=RM 19

Now, keluaaaaarrrrr baris!

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