Friday, March 30, 2007

Basically Baby

Our heart aches, like really aches when another one of our very favorite basic tops bites the dust, is on its last thread, kaput, finito, becomes a moth eaten piece of rag ---are retired as peejays.

Which is why we always buy a few of each colour, well, a few of the same colours as a matter of fact as well (white/black) whenever we spot one that fits so nice. Because really, nice, basic tops with the right fit are NOT EASY TO FIND! It's always either too long (or most of the time too short), to cheap look
ing, too loose, too unflattering sleeves, too low, too high, too alot of things.

So these are basic tops you may want to stock up on:


#1 We Kept Four Each for Ourselves

This is so perfect, it's nice solid cotton material but stretchy too. The cutest part is the rolled up buttoned sleeves. The length is also perfect, stretching slightly over the hips. We swear we'd just wear this everyday if we could.

Will So Give My Limbs For That Rating (WSGMLFT)
= two legs (actually even more but we don't have many pieces left)

Basic Tee with Rolled Sleeves [T0005]: only Black left - Free Size
= RM 25
Update, 9 April 07: Sold Out with no option of restock!

Brown Suede Belt [A0012] - Free Size
= RM 19

#2 We Have One in Each Colour

We like sleeveless racer backs and we like lace. So there it is: a Sleeveless Racer Back Tank Top with Lace!

Will So Give My Limbs For That Rating (WSGMLFT)
= one hand

Sleeveless Racer Back [T0015] : Moss Green/White/Black/Sunny Yellow - Free Size
= RM 18
Update, 9 April 07: Last one! - White, Free Size

Well, since we're on this topic, our favorite spaghetti strap basic tops are from Naf Naf -it's material's abit lycraish which is nice; MNG has some decent basics from time to time if you can find those without the word MNG written all over it; we used to go to Topshop when they had the buy one second one 30% off but now they only have basics that are just plain unbasic. Well, one more place is Zara but is it us or do all their basics have extra long sleeves/length/neckline everything?? Are they all giraffes in Spain??

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