Thursday, March 29, 2007


Our names are Felicia and Leng, and we're shopaholics. There, we've said it. Now, we're guessing the only reason you're here viewing this blog is because you're a hopeless shopaholic yourself. Don't worry, we're not here to judge.

In fact, we're telling you to embrace that shopping instinct, feel your heart palpating when you spot the perfect dress out of the cor
ners of your eyes, sweaty palms as you fasten those delicate buttons, stomachs a-fluttery as you slowly look up to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror….and SCREAM! I NEED THIS DRESS!! I WANT THIS DRESS!!

Congrats, welcome to Shopaholics Unite!

Now that you have newly ascended to the higher awareness that there are bigger things than you and me (that perfect dress for example..), we think you're ready to see what your new life has in store for you.


#1 Thing on the List:

We lurrveee we've recently been stocking up lotsa satin-ny things so this is one of em and I have to say, one of favorites for it's simplicity!

Featured here with some good ol beaded necklaces and ribbon sash.

Will So Give My Limbs For That Rating (WSGMLFT)
= One Arm

Basic Satin Blouse [T0012] : Available in Grey/Purple, Free Size
= RM 35

Update, 9 April 07: Sold Out!

Satin Sash [A0006]: Available in Black/White/Gold/Red/Blue (wearable with anything! really!)
= RM19

#2 On the listYay! Another Satin-y top :) This one we like cause it's just tooo flirty.

Will So Give My Limbs For That Rating (WSGMLFT)
= One Arm & a Toe

Babydoll Satin Blouse [T0004]: Available in Champagne/Black/Rose, Free Size
= RM 45

Update, 9 April 07: Sold Out!

#3 No...We're so not done with Satin yet!

The Farah Fawcett, don't know why but we reckon this came right out from under Farah's hairdo in Charlie's Angels. Love the working girl look and yet still feminine :)

Will So Give My Limbs For That Rating (WSGMLFT)
= Both Arms (without a doubt)

The 'Farah [T0003]': Available in Bronze/Pearl White/Hot Red, Free Size

= RM 49

Note: the bronze actually looks more 'bronzey' in real life, not quite as pinkish as in the pic

[this will apply to all future pictured items: all accessories are not included unless otherwise stated :) ]

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