Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Here Are More Reasons Why You Should Be Here Sunday!

Our first Shopaholics party this Sunday. You're thinking, gosh, Sunday..can't get up, too lazy to get in your car, drive ALLL the way over here. But things will be looking up the moment you're here thanks to these goodies:


Reason #1

We will assure you that this dress will not make a muffin armpit out of you. Secret is in the stretchable back :)

Will So Give My Limbs For That Rating (WSGMLFT)
= We're in Pain! (the hotness of it all burns..ouch!)

Vintage Bandeau Dress [D0003]: Available in Red/Blue/Black Colour Schemes - Free Size
= RM 55

Thick Belt with Leather Buckle [A0010]: Available in Brown/Red - Free Size

= RM 25

Update, 9 April 07: Sold Out!

One last look:

#2 We Have the Answer to Easy Strapless Wearing

We know we'd like to imagine wearing strapless pieces more often than we'd actually wear one, why? The tugging, the drooping, and frankly, our assets are not enough to freeze those tubes in place. So we wear this! No dress, with jeans -even better!

Will So Give My Limbs For That Rating (WSGMLFT)

= arms and legs

Really Cropped Vest [T0016]: Available in Black/White - Free Size
= RM 27
Update, 9 April 07: Absolutely one more left! - White, Free Size

#3 Jersey Girls
The photo's a little ~blah, didn't turn out quite like what we wanted. But nevertheless, the real dress: much more empire waist, not as flare, probably about two inches shorter than you'd imagine based on that pic :)

Will So Give My Limbs For That Rating (WSGMLFT)

= two arms and one leg (see, the picture didn't do much justice)

Empire Waist Jersey Dress [D0004]: Available in Brown/Black - Free Size
= RM 55

Also on this dress:

Patterned Patent Wide High Waist Belt [A0013]: Only one Available, as pictured - Free Size
= RM 35

Update, 9 April 07: Sold Out!


Nicole said...

OMG! I LOOOVVEEE the grey vest!! can you oh so pls keeep one for me! I'll try to make it fr ur sale on sunday!

Felicia & Leng said...

You'd better be here cause that grey vest is going so fast that light can't catch up! :)

Nicole said...

omg! can you guys keep one fr me? If i dnt go over, i'll buy it online..

looovvee the clothes!

Felicia & Leng said...

haha..ok..email us directly on shopaholicsunite@gmail.com. We'll arrange something. Need to know ur size too so we can reserve it for ya!

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