Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Holly Golightly!

Onwards with the long awaited post:

#1 The Perfect ShirtOnce upon a time, there was a perfect Hollywood actress who wore the perfect white starched shirt. Long have the ladies beyond the ancient seas..er..longed for the same perfect shirt. Alas! They searched to ends to no avail, for the perfect shirt was hidden amongst the pile of clothes on Leng's bed:To the common eye, this shirt may not look like much (in parts because Sophie's only half a mannequin) but we absolutely vouch for the perfect-ness of this shirt. No peeping bra through the buttons even when the shirt hugs really beautifully. Really, you've trusted us so far.

Will So Give My Limbs For That Rating (WSGMLFT)

= both arms totally!

The Perfect Shirt [T0052]: Available in White -S/M, Black- S
= RM 43

(**update, 8/1/08 : we should have done this sooner - Sold Out.)

Oohh...the belt, we love love love:

Mod Patent Belt [A0021]: Available in combo of Black & White/Red/Dark Brown -Free Size
= RM 43 25
[Update, 17 Apr, 11.27pm - accidentally put down the wrong price, please note that our stuff's almost always unbelievably affordable!

(**update, 8/1/08 : we should have done this sooner - Sold Out.)

#2 Roman Holidaying

Ok, she's probably wearing the same shirt as the one above but for some reason, looking at her here reminded us so much of this:

And so longingly we were looking at this too.

Will So Give My Limbs For That Rating (WSGMLFT)
= every damn thing!

Short Sleeve Overshirt with Ribbon [T0060]: Available in White - S, Black- S/M/L
= RM 45

(**update, 8/1/08 : we should have done this sooner - Sold Out.)

#3 Could It Be?

This is like her signature look, second to that dress. We screamed, we pulled hair (not our own), we would have begged on hands, knees, ears to want to have something like that and then we saw this:

We turned to each other and thought out loud, "could it be? really really be?" Well, it looked like it, we couldn't know for sure, then we put it on, and we knew.

Will So Give My Limbs For That Rating (WSGMLFT)
= aiieeeee! (super low waisted! we can't wear high waist, we're just not Aud

The Long Audrey Capris [P0012]: Available in Navy Blue - M/L
= RM 63

(**update, 8/1/08 : we should have done this sooner - Sold Out.)

We do apologise for styling it in the slutty shoes, but for the lack of a good tailor to give the pants a good length for our model during the shoot, we needed her to be taller in this. But, we're sure you'll find yourself a good tailor cause no clothes should go uncustomised! Pity they can't make it turn black.

#4 The Dress That No One Else Can Have

This one is so an evil thing to do but this was the only one left and we decided that every woman for herself is as good a motto as any to live by!
Photo's blurry cause we were shaking with gleeee!!

#5 The Might Have Been

This one we love so much that we couldn't wait to show you, though we couldn't find a pic of
Audrey in something like this, well, actually we didn't care to find it cause we think she would have looked absolutely absolutely excruciatingly fabulous in this anyway:

Maybe she would, maybe she wouldn't, we would never know. To us it should have very well been. Even if not, hey, we got to show you the piece and we're happy enough with that.

Will So Give My Limbs For That Rating (WSGMLFT)
= all legs! (cause you'll need some pretty hands with these!

Satin Corset Style [T0068]: Available in Cream/Bronze/Red - Free Size
= RM 40

(**update, 8/1/08 : we should have done this sooner - Sold Out.)

#6 And the Rest We Ran Out of Time to Take Pictures Of

Truthfully, we had it in mind to show you the rest of the stuff we have that fits today's theme but we honestly ran out of daylight to take the photos. So arm yourself with a dose of imagination and blind faith in our word when we say we have some good steals of these two:

It's as if the skinny belt never left us!

We don't have the flirting down pat but we can account for the skirt. Probably not from the Audrey era we love but still, we love mod! (we're really not sure which era this is but we call it as we see it)

If you're thinking of doing your own Audrey channelling, may we suggest paying attention to:

- Boat Necklines
- Belted Flare Skirts
- Minimal Blings or Maximum Blings (no in between)
- Really Skinny Long Sleeve Turtlenecks
- Shift Dresses with Cinched Waists

Tons of pictures we have but none the time to put them up so google away!


deusvenia said...

hey girls..can i opt to make a reservation on the white top size m...

let me know if reservation successful...

shook han

Anonymous said...

heya, just wondering if the Mod Patent Belt [A0021] is still available?

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