Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Pop! Goes My Heart!

We know it's kinda been a few months since this movie came out but we're still watching Pop! Goes My Heart music video on YouTube. Too funny Hugh Grant!

Anyway, what we mean to talk about is really Drew. We love Drew and we especially love
Drew in the movie, her clothes were just so adorable, a little vintage-y a little boho and we'd like to dress like that every day very much!

So inspired, we went looking:


#1 First Above the Rest, the Vest

And we found these:T0017a
The fit is perfect! We like this very much, perhaps dare we say even better than Drew's!

Will So Give My Limbs For That Rating (WSGMLFT)
= all four!

Vest with Bronzey Button [T0017]: Available in Grey -S,M / Black - S,M,L
= RM 36

Update, 9 April 07: One last piece ever! - Grey, M size.
(**update, 8/1/08 : we should have done this sooner - Sold Out.)

The inside top sure looks like something she'd wear as well:


Will So Give My Limbs For That Rating (WSGMLFT)
= two legs!

Vintage Floral Printed Blouse [T0024]: Available in Cream/Mauve - Free Size
= RM 37

Update, 9 April 07: Sold Out!

#2 The White Painter Shirt

Look closely, we love her collar details and we didn't see similar collared ones but we think this is as good a product of an inspired shopaholic as any:

Even without the belt, there is a gutter around the waist so it's got a pretty good shape.

Will So Give My Limbs For That Rating (WSGMLFT)

= two arms and a leg!

Long Sleeves with Collar Piping [T0010]: Available in Black/White - Free Size
= RM 45

Wide Waist Belt with Geometric Buckle [A0004]: Only in Cream - Free Size
= RM 25
Update, 9 April 07: Sold Out!

#3 Dressing Down

Weird picture of Drew here but the dress! It looks almost effortless.

We weren't so lucky to stumble upon anything similar but channeling Drew, she'd probably have a getup that looks something like this:
Great sleeves and dress length. Neckline falls just nice, does not pull up weirdly like some similar dresses.

Will So Give My Limbs For That Rating (WSGMLFT)
= two arms and a leg!

Floral Sheer Tunic Dress [D0007]: Available in Brown/White/Black - Free Size
= RM 55

Patchwork Leather Belt [A0009]: Available in Black/Brown - Free Size
= RM 25

#4 She'd Probably Wear This Too on a Nice Spring Day

We like the flareness of the sleeves and best things in life are free: Belt!

Will So Give My Limbs For That Rating (WSGMLFT)
= three arms (just so we can fit one more arm into those lovely sleeves)

Tunic with Roped Belt [T0006]: Available in Salmon/White/Black - Free Size
= RM 39

POP! There goes our heart..oh poop.

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