Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Part IV

As promised, we think we may have the answer to everything, including what to wear on days your office is unbearably Artic like:


#1 Does It Snow in Mexico?


We don't know, does it ever? Then it's funny how this throwover is all Mexican inspired and shit, at least we think so. Unless someone who has a PHD in the Ethnic Tribal Traditional Embroidery of Small and Sometimes Large Orange Florals Handstitched Art of the Ethnic Northern Mexican city of Guacalole says otherwise, then we're sticking to Mexican.

= OMG! (yay! this is so our OMG item of the week!)

Mexican Throwoever [O0037]: Black, Dark Blue, Grey, White - Free Size
= RM 57
(**update, 8/1/08 : Black, Grey Sold Out)

and in Black, then White:


#2 Not Quite a Sweater Nor a Cardi



This we thought was quite interesting, not quite a sweater and we wouldn't fully call it a cardi either. All we know that it's just freakin nice. So there, it's a freakin' nice long thing.

= everything!

Freakin' Nice Long Thing [O0038]: Dark Grey, White, Black - Free Size
= RM 45
(**update, 8/1/08 : White & Black Sold Out)

Freakin' nice long thing in Black, then White:


Dotty Camisole with Baby Buttons [T0217]: Pale Green - Free Size

= RM 19

#3 Cozy



We just think this one's super cute! Kinda like something granny would knit us when we're like 5, and then we grow up and realise that damn, we totally should have appreciated it, if only it like, fits us 15 years (ok, 20!) too late.

= everything! (we'd give everythinig to go back to a time when all our clothes we're granny handmade!)

Granny Crochet Shoulder Cozy [O0034]: Black, Pale Grey, White - Free Size
= RM 49
(**update, 8/1/08 : Sold Out)

And that's the end of our office series. Time to think up new series-es to keep ourselves entertained now.

1 comment:

jill luna said...

I would like to buy a piece of Freakin' Nice Long Thing [O0038]..is there anymore left for me??

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