Thursday, November 15, 2007

Shiny Happy People

Reindeers and the whole she-bang round the corner, someone told us that it's the time of the year to be shiny. We don't quite understand why, but since she asked, we give:


#1 Magnetic Metallic






Please don't pass judgements just yet, we were very very curious how this dress would turn out. We mean, we were eyeing it for a very long time, completely unsure if it's a go or a no-go zone. We decided heck, if we are always too afraid to pull off metallics, we're pretty sure someone will and look totally hot in it and we'll be very green with jealousy. We have to say, it really is growing on us and quite possibly in a very big way.

= all limbs! (our affection for this is slowly outgrowing our original rating for this, by the end of the week, it may just be our OMG item, but for now, we'll be limbless.)

Metallic Shift Dress [D0092]: Bronze, Grey, Black - Free Size
= RM 47
(**update, 8/1/08 : Black sold out)






#2 Bubbly Baubles



If this looks pretty familiar, it's cause it is. We had them before and you've seen them even, but only in Fuchsia and Yellow. And now, we have Black. Actually we've always had them in black, just didn't have the pictures to proove it. So here it is. We do maintain, still quite loving this dress, baubles, embellishments and all.

= yay! (if you can't do black you can't do nothin')

Jewel Embellishment Dress [D0084]: Black, Fuschia, Yellow - Free Size
= RM 55

#3 Sequin Queen




Yet another familiar one, yes, we've previously revealed the Electric Blue one, unfortunately, that's all sold out. But we do run into a bit of luck sometimes and we now this cute dress in bright pink/fuschia too! The zebra print scarve kinda came with something else some time back, holler if you want a piece, we'll throw it in with the dress since we thought it's kinda cute together.

= arms, arms!

Sequined T-Shirt Mini Dress [D0086]: Fuschia - Free Size
= RM 55

Now that you're shiny, go on be merry.


rae said...

reserve the grey one for me pls pls .

Viexoravogue Haven said...

Please..reserve the black metallic dress for me..

Myra said...

sequined tshirt mini dress. can i see it on a real model please ? and do you go selling your stuff at any flea market ? would be glad if you do so because i'd like to try it on before buying it

Anonymous said...

#3 Sequin Queen

i wanna reserve the fuschia sequin dress please.

Anonymous said...

does the magnetic metallic comes with the belt?
i mean for the coffee color.
I like it and so do the belt.

Anonymous said...

does the magnetic metallic comes with the belt?
i mean for the coffee color.
I like it and so do the belt.

alluregoddess said...

do you still have any of the metallic dresses?

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