Friday, November 2, 2007

Working It - Part II

We admit, we're procrastinators, there's no one worse. We promised this update for days ago but just never got around to finishing it but we're plenty happy now that we've got it over and done with. We wonder why we can't make this more of a habit.

Anyways, enough about us, here's Part II office wear as promised:


#1 Details Details





Work shirts unfortunately leaves us with very limited options. Short sleeved, long sleeved, solid colour, patterned and that's about the combination that sums up all work shirts. So the only thing that's available to be different, is the details. And we sure like the details on this one, though for those adversed to 'ruffles', you may pass.

= arms! (pfft..arms, who needs em, (you can possibly tell we're having a hard time with our 'arm toning' excercise we're obsessed with recently))

Ruffled and Loaded [T0242]: Black and Brown - it's about an S up to an M - one piece per colour
= RM 43
(**update, 8/1/08 : we should have done this earlier - Sold Out)



Oh, and earlier belt:

High Waisted Leather Band Belt [A0089]: Brown - it is quite tight, probably up to waist: 25"/26"
= RM 25

#2 And Most Importantly, Cut



It's one thing to have a plain old long sleeved work shirt but quite another to have one with a great cut. That makes all the difference we have to say. So this has the previously aforementioned criteria of details and now, cut!

= legs! (sigh, we'd give our legs away no sweat if someone will buy us Charlize Theron's)

Great Cut Long Sleeved Shirt [T0246]: Purple - Size S & M / White - Size S
= RM 45
(**update, 8/1/08 : we should have done this earlier - Sold Out)

"We'll be bach!"

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Anonymous said...

hey, if i were to buy something, can i pay you guys by cheque?

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