Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's a Stretch

We're hoping you're more and more convinced to come by our party this Sunday with the addition of these two items (though we do hope they're not sold out before then!), which actually, is all the more reason to come since there will be brand new items that would not see the light of day here (yet!). Anyway, here goes two items that may quite unpredictably manipulate you to attend this Sunday:


#1 Conniving Item Number One






We can't stop going on about how we love this sweater! Great great low v neck that's just low enough to not be too low, if that makes any sense at all.

Totally Lovely Sweater [T0268]: Black, Pink, Cream - Free Size
= RM35
(*updated 31/1/08 - Sold Out)

Layered underneath pink sweater:
Laced V Neck Camisole [T0269]: Brown, Pink, Purple, White - Free Size
= RM25
(update, 27 Mar 08 - brown & white available, other sold out.)

and the belt:

High Waist Tan Leather Buckle Belt [A0108]: Black - Free Size though it does come a little tight
= RM25
(update, 27 Mar 08 - sold out)

oh oh! and the necklace!:

Crystal Bejeweled Heart Necklace [A0105]: Red - last piece item
= RM19
(update, 17/108, 3.58PM: Necklace Sold)

#2 Devious Item Number Two




Well, ok, so this probably won't make you want to come this Sunday much since it's the last piece. But heck, you'd come just because you love us for sure? No? Hm.

Cropped Long Sleeved Cardi [O0041]: Apple Green - Free Size - last piece item
= RM37
(update, 17/108, 3.58PM: Sold Out)

Btw, did we say, come for our party this Sunday? Check sidebar on the right for all details!


Giddy Tiger said...

That black sweater looks really really nice!

Michelle said...

Hey, any chance I can buy the 'Gorgeous' necklace? It's well, gorgeous :)

Leng said...

the necklace is from Diva, 50% off! super cheap :P go go get one!

Michelle said...

whereabouts is that, thanks?

NymphoMania_GaL said...

hi...are u serious bout ur customer..i;ve been waiting so long juz 2 buy 1 belt..but i've yet 2 got ur reply..

aya said...

i like the white top.

mail me please

along said...

i emailed u yesterday, ladies!

am still waiting 4 a reply =)

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