Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Shoes!

Since we couldn't get enough of the Mod Pumps from the days of yore (last week), we got another colour! Altogether now, yay! :


#1 Another Colour






We quite liked this colour too so we kept another pair for ourselves! Which is why some of you who were at last week's party found that we were out of size 8s (our size), which is also why we went and got more! So now you can have your pick! By the way, did we say, party on Sunday 20th Jan, last one before we take off again for another month!

Mod Patent Pumps [A0103]: Grey & White - size 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 available
= RM49
(update, 27 Mar 08 - available in size 6 & 6, others sold out)

#2 Another Pair




And this debut at our last party as well, a couple of pairs left in several sizes, but despair not, we got more in a different colour, though we haven't quite gotten around to taking the pics. We'll show you these first. Shiny metallic and patent!

Double Shine Pointies [A0106]: Cyan & Silver - size 4 and 7 available, Dark Brown & Silver - size 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 available
= RM49
(update, 27 Mar 08 - available in cyan -size 4, brown -size 5, others sold out)

We've really been raking up the shoes count the past week, but we have two new pairs yet to be revealed. Oh yeah, in case we haven't mentioned this, party on Sunday, 20th Jan, last one before we take off for another month!


Anonymous said...

more shoes!! pls!!

mia said...

i love the green colour! but sadly dun have my size...does the brown nice? or maybe nicer? cross my finger! m coming this sunday party!!

❤塔米❤ said...

#2 Another Pair

pretty shoe!!!! I can't resist it!!! anyway, I've always liked pumps but still don't know how to walk in it -_-"

anyway will wait for you to load the shoe in Brown/Silver...

btw, what's the height of the heel?

thanks! (^_^)

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