Thursday, January 31, 2008

Some Explaining to Do

As some of you would have noticed, those who had emailed us as far back as a week and a half ago, that there were no replies and obviously a lack of new postings.

We are at the moment not in the country, so we thought we should explain, hence the lack of updates and replies to emails.

But all that is going to change. No, we're still not in the country, we'll be back mid-Feb.

We just want you to know it's business as usual, except some unusual bits where there won't be a party for a while and you can't pick up your stuff from my office while I'm not there this few weeks, but nevertheless, business as usual. We've got our darling Mr A running up and down our office busy posting things to ya'll so online orders are still open and will be available while we're away!

Do we at least get a Yay for that? Ok, no yay, nevermind. Neways, the thing to do is: email us your orders, wait for our (lightning speed) reply, part with your hard earned money via bank transfer to us, yippee, items arrive at your doorstep quicker than you can say "Ooh, just one more dress plea.."

Hope that explains.

from somewhere really quite freakin'ly cold.

1 comment:

ashley said...

hey shopaholics!
is the pink dotty blouse still available?
i emailed you a few days ago.
hope to hear from you soon!

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