Friday, March 28, 2008

Half and Half

Supposed if you're only half cold, like, oh, we don't know, like just around 5 inches above the pelvis all the way up to the shoulders being the cold area, arms and wrists included, hands excluded, -then this will be perfect! :


#1 Half There



Baby Stripes Cropped Buttoned Sweater [O0049]: Baby Blue - fits between a UK6 - UK12
= RM43
(update, 20 April 08 - sold out)

Like the sweater, this post will not have a lower half. More tomorrow!


Joanne said...

Hey!!! I love the necklace! Is it for sale?

suerrealis said...

PM me back at
im interested in purchasing the babyblue cropped sweater

Ping said...

gotta be loving the necklace!
If you're having it on sale, PM me at

MEi said...

Yeah I'm interested in the necklace too!IS it for sale?

Leng said...

Hi girls, necklace is not for sale unfortunately! Sorrryy!!

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