Monday, March 24, 2008

Wishin' and Hopin'

We seldom do accesories cause we seldom see something we like, these we saw during our recent travels in Europe and we thought since we were getting some for ourselves why not grab a couple more pieces for you guys! So almost lovingly (in the chuck into a plastic bag and stashed into luggage compartment kind of lovingly), hand carried all the way!:


#1 Wishin'



Sadly, the other ones we so lovingly hand carried were apparently not as lovingly treated as we had hoped therefore no longer in a condition good enough for sale. So there, only one piece available!

Shooting Star Necklace [A0126]: Mirrored
= RM25
(update, 27 Mar 08 - sold out)

#2 and Hopin'


This we have about 4 pieces, cute ain't it?

Tri-Hearts Necklace [A0125]
= RM27
(update, 27 Mar 08 - sold out)

Order away, but be quick!

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