Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Like You Wouldn't Believe

Gosh, we really are the laziest bums, we can't believe it's been a month since our last post. Did we say, it really seemed like only yesterday to us? Since we seem to be stuck in fairytale/dreamland zone or something we imagine we're running around this cute little picturesque scenery here, really quite unexpected on a t-shirt dress, and quite frankly, we LOVE abso-fucking-lutely:


#1 Seriously, Is That Hare on My Dress?







You betcha my love, hare, among other things, foxes, hounds, owls, decrepit old bendy looking house, and decrepit old spooky looking mailbox, weird girl with birdcage being unbelieveably bouncy and chirpy about it had somehow landed on your dress. How can you not show love.

= OMG! (Yay! OMG! of the MONTH!)

Picturesque Countryside T-shirt Dress [D0115]: Peach, Grey & White - Free Size - we're 5'6" and it still works as a dress for us, a short one but still pretty cute in a non slutty way so go figure the length cause we can't bother for the love of god to go around measuring, unless of course you asked, nicely.
= RM47
(update, 27 Mar 08 - sold out)

This in no way should have been the way to start off again after our month long hiatus, and yet it seems, it's going to end here (till tomorrow, fingers crossed, at least). By the way, did you notice, new party announcement ! (tip: look at neat little boxes on right panel)

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