Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Put Together

A funny thing happened as we were taking the photos for the new round of clothes we've got coming in, (in fact already, in), when we realised that one of our LA girls/consultant was dressed from top to toe in our clothes! ('our' here being Shopaholics Unite!, not literally our own clothes). We couldn't resist but to totally exploit her.




The tunic she's wearing is the new thing we have. Mixed in with something old - the shoes, and something black, the opaque tights and we've got one hell of a pretty chic matchmaker there.

Knit V-Neck Tunic [T0305]: Black, Magenta, Green, Grey - size S & M
= RM 47
(update, 9 June 08 - Sold Out)

Opaque Tights with Flower Pattern [A0134]: Black
= RM 22

(update, 9 June 08 - Sold Out)

Double Shine Pointies Shoes [A0106]: Dark Brown - size 5, Cyan - size 4
= RM 49

and the other colours:


Our new things and stuff in its entirety to follow, soon.

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