Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spotted, S


We are one of those people who can get really really hooked on a tv show and we are really quite in love with Gossip Girl now (well, who isn't). Anyways, we've only started downloading the series a couple of weeks ago and we know we're really quite behind this whole look that we're about to show you as it was spotted on S, in the pilot episode. Even then, we've basically been looking for a nice version of the sequined dress for a while now, and really, you see it ALOT, everywhere. Other than the 300 dollar one that we liked from Topshop, the rest always seemed too gliterry, or it's like only sequined in the front and not the back or sequined too tacky, or nice but totally not worth the price etc. Anyhoo, we wanted something with just the right kinda sequins, had the right weight and swing to it and maintains a shift dress A-line kinda structure cause otherwise it's just skanky, we finally found one we actually like, no, actually love. And we swear we've seen Kate Moss in something very similar years before the whole sequined thing became a dress. Our point is, we hope we haven't missed the boat with this one because we're raring to try this out:


#1 The One We Could Love






What goes black, then white and black then white and black then white. (Hint) Not a nun rolling down the hill.

Sequined Dress [D0128]: B&W - fits a size 6-8 max, there's a zip closure on the side but otherwise, not stretchy.
= RM65
(update, 9 June 08 - Sold Out)

You know you love us.

(*ps: btw, how excellent is this news? we just heard that serena and dan are actually dating in real life! our favorites on the show and off!)


Cherylmeryl said...

oh so jolene a.k.a. spy J~~!!

or.. is it gwen stefani a.k.a. sweet escape babe??!

hand started to be itchy... grr grr....

Cherylmeryl said...

too bad... am a size 10... aiks aiks aiks aiks...

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