Thursday, September 20, 2007

Full of Soft Baby Goodness

Seriously, babies are poppin' up everywhere around us these days. You can't help but feel like you need to buy them baby things, like little mittens, small furry little bunny suits with little belly buttons, small little baby socks, gurggle gurrglee..we can't.

So to compensate, how about something with all the baby goodness but none of the baby:


#1 It's Almost Like Stealing From An Infant



We're imagining babies the world over naked and unclothed because we stole all their baby clothes making cloths. That's one very strange chain of thoughts we kinda know now. After saying it out loud. About the top, we insist, it should be a TOP, not a dress. We really don't think it'll be quite decent as a dress.

= legs legs legs! (so soft!)

Baby Cotton Scrunched Tube [T0220]: Coral (above), Purple, Apple Green & White - Free Size (for sure, it stretches forever!)
= RM 32
(**update, 8/1/08 : we should have done this earlier - Sold Out)

Oh, did we say, it does a halter as well, though (really!) not recommended:



and the other colours of course:



Ooh, did I see a little pair of baby booties right there? *wanders off..


Anonymous said...

i saw ur full of soft baby goodness top in another online boutique.. they are selling the exact same top but how come they are selling so much cheaper than u guys? their style of writting is also similar to u guys.. are u guys sisters or something?
btw, the website is

*plz delete this msg after u hav read, i juz wanted to help u guys.. i had copycats too..

Felicia & Leng said...

Hey there anonymous (whoever you are our little guardian angel you!), thanks for the comment and the pointing out of the other site :)

Sigh, we're a little tired of beating off similarly grown sites with a stick so we're just going to stick to us being us and and being US. To cite an oft spoken cliche, imitation, the best form of flattery?

Btw, different retailers would have different price points, since I'm sure you would have seen some of the stuff we have being sold in plenty of other places for much more expensive as well, similarly, we would think there would be some people who would sell them cheaper. But hey! That top's a bargain, go grab it fast :P


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