Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Multiply By Colours


We had some dotty tops the past week and they were hugely popular and we thought what a better way to embrace that Shopaholic spirit by multiplying all our buys - by colours!


#1 Quadrapled

First we have this:


and then multiply that by 4, you have:

Of course, this means that our earlier paranoia about giving up the only TWO pieces we had in grey were basically baseless because we found a whole lot more at a different place!

= OMG! (still, it's our OMG! find of the week being that there are new colours and all

Dotty Camisole [T0216]: Grey (above), White, Red & Brown- Free size - it does come quite stretchy.
= RM 19
(**update, 8/1/08 : we should have done this earlier - Sold Out)

and oh yeah, how could we forget, pink:


#2 Nonupled

It took a little bit of maths knowledge (and some long searching on the web) to find the word we needed for this equation (and even then we're unsure if that was a real word):


that was multiply 9, for those less aware:

It's so funny how we were just complaining last week about exactly that! That it was a pity this didn't come in more colours and wham bham, next thing you know, there are 9! Someone up there likes us we suspect.

= arms & legs!

Dotty Camisole with Cute Buttons [T0217]: Green (above), Dark Green, Black, Brown, White, Red, Grey, Navy Blue and Pale Green - Free Size - it does come quite stretchy.
= RM 19
(**update, 8/1/08 : last piece - Dark Green)

We've always hated math and that kinda gave us some headache.


Anonymous said...

Are the tops still available?

joanNa*::.. said...

are either of the red dotty camisoles(with or without buttons) still available? i've been looking high and low for a white polka dot on red background top!


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