Sunday, September 23, 2007

One And A Half Dress

Oh, you already know how much we like dresses so on with it then:


#1 Is There a Stripe for Every Size?



We do remember days from KH where they used to teach us girls how to cook and sew and the boys how to saw wood. We also vaguely recall being taught that thin people are absolutely forbidden to wear vertical stripes and full sized girls should never do horizontals. How did our educational system get so wrong. We digress, because our question is really, so where does diagonal stripes leave us?

= arms!

Jersey Diagonal Stripe Dress [D0066]: Grey & Magenta - Free Size
= RM 49
(**update, 8/1/08 : we should have done this earlier - Sold Out)

and in magenta:



and the belt featured here is:

Soft Leather Loop Belt [A0045]: Red - last piece

= RM 25

#2 It's In The Little Things




We kinda think this may not totally work as a dress for everyone so we'd rather more safely call this a tunic top. We'd like to think it's the little things (like the crochet sleeves here) that makes the bigger things all the much more precious.

= OMG! (crochet sleeves!)

Knit Tunic with Crochet Sleeves [D0065]: Dark Brown & Red - Free Size
= RM 45
(**update, 8/1/08 : we should have done this earlier - Sold Out)

oh, that ribbon thing, darlin' ain't it?:


Satin Ribbon Sash [A0081]: Dusky Pink & Grey - about 1 1/4 meters long
= RM 18
(**update, 8/1/08 : we should have done this earlier - Sold Out)

Happy monday morning jackin' off work surfing the internet and playing facebook girls! We are by the way here:
We're sheeps, so addictive next to shopping.

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joanNa*::.. said...

do u have any of the dusky pink belts for sale? i'd like one, any discount?

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