Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wrap That Thing

We've constantly had problems with some belts that are not one size fit all, not in the sense of fitting 10 different sizes but fitting on the waists, on the hips, right below the bra, right below the hips etc. So we think this could be something that would be truly the most versatile we'd seen.


#1 The All Rounder




The extra long straps definately helps. If worn high-waisted, simply go round twice or once depending on what you like. If worn low waisted simply go round once, or twice depending on how small your hips are *jealous*.

= OMG! (yay! our OMG! item of the day!)

All Rounder Belt [A0076]: Red (above), Black & Dark Brown - very extremely unfortunately, we've only got 1 in red, 4 in black & 4 in brown.
= RM 29
(update: Red as expected is gone, so is Black. That leaves......Dark Brown! Oh yes, 2 pieces left)
(even later update: All Gone)

The Dark Brown's really pretty close to Black, but it's urm..yeah, dark brown. So in black:


Time for the belt's Valedictorian speech.


Anonymous said...

love the singlets as well, how much is one piece ?

Anonymous said...

Hey, so who won the blog entry (worth RM500 of clothes) contest?? :?

Felicia & Leng said...

The Basic Racerbacks are Rm19 each, RM35 for two :) We've only got Black, White & Bright Green left :)

Drop us an email at if you'd like to order one :)

CONTEST!! We're getting too it!

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