Tuesday, September 18, 2007

There's Always Something New!

This is going to be a self indulgent post. We've been around, what, a couple of months and we think we've grown more and more into a strong, independent and intelligent.. -young Shopaholic (yes, it's a good thing if you're wondering).

So as we evolve, we're always trying to introduce new stuff that will help ease the constant pain of being a Shopaholic. No one said shopping was easy, but someone's gotta do it. And do it we must.

So to pinch away that pain just a little, we now have....

Our Freakin' Awesome Loyalty Card!
(we think so, so you must too!)

It works very simply:


by collecting 'stamps'! Every RM50 spent entitles you to a stamp, to be perfectly obvious, RM200 spent on clothes clothes clothes = 4 stamps! After filling up all the little circles (there are 10), we get to the big Yay! of free money! Well, free money in the 'RM25 off your purchase' sense.

Oooh..we hear some but..buts!

Ok, if you're purchasing online, anything with RM50 and more will come with one of these cards already stamped for your total amount. So do this -hold on to that card! The next time you purchase something that is RM50 or over, fill in one of the little circles with the date of your purchase for your own record. Once you have recorded up to the 10th circle, TELL US! We can then verify the total amount you've spent with us so far since we keep track of all online orders. We will then deduct RM25 from your next purchase. But do us a favour, you gotta TELL US when your card is redeemable.

We think it's completely awesome, now all round, is it awesome or freakin awesome?

ps: don't forget now our other freakin' awesome extras like free shipping for purchases of RM150 and over, and our bargain bins at our parties, and our Sunday parties with new stuff ALWAYS and of course, fresh clothes delivered to your email via email subscriptions to our blog! we are kinda proud of ourselves, just right now.

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